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After all, did he take revenge? The shark that ate the young man… killed him and tore his stomach



New Delhi. A few days ago, the case of a young Russian devoured by a tiger shark was discovered on a beach in Egypt. At the same time, after killing this tiger shark, people recovered some parts of the young Russian’s body inside. According to the Al Arabiya report, some people went into the sea by boat and found the tiger shark and brought it back to shore. After that, he was beaten to death and then some parts of the young man’s body were recovered by tearing him to pieces.

Please say that a person of Russian origin liked to swim in the sea. That is why the shark attacked him there. After that, within seconds, the shark had killed and eaten him. All this happened in front of the girlfriend of the person who was recording the video from his mobile. The video of this incident was going very viral on social networks. According to the report of the Russian news agency TASS, the incident comes from Egypt.

It was said in the report that the person’s name was Popov V, whose age was only 23 years old. The shark that killed him. It is called the Egyptian tiger shark, which is very dangerous. There are many teeth inside its jaws. Reuters news agency said the deceased was Russian. Although he lived in Egypt full time and was not a tourist. When he went for a walk with his father and his girlfriend on the Egyptian beach, he started swimming there.

At the same time, a shark came and attacked the person while he was swimming. The person had also been trying to run away for a long time. But then the movement in the water stopped. According to media reports, the incident happened at a Red Sea resort near the city of Hurghada in Egypt. After the incident, lifeguards began combing the 74 kilometers of beach.

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