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After all, why are you so careless on the road? Know what is the reason



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feeling threatened when we are under extreme stress
The part of the brain that makes the right decisions is disconnected from the process
the limbic system sometimes reacts aggressively

Seattle. Imagine, you are driving down the road when another car suddenly passes in front of your car very fast. Suddenly, you also feel like teaching that driver a lesson by increasing the speed, or even more recklessly, or just yelling at nearby vehicles. Usually there’s no point in doing this and it may not be in your nature, but the fact is that over the last three years the desire to behave in this way has arisen in many many people.

It’s just that when such an urge is to drive 100 km/h on a highway, or in a traffic jam or when a light turns red, the consequences can be disastrous. Covid-19 has increased such cases. With shutdowns and uncertainty, the pandemic has been a long-term disaster. He put everyone on edge, whether light or serious. When reacting to stress, there is an innate primary function of the human body – the response to stay alive and safe. People often behave in ways that seem contrary, but the response of the physiological system is obvious.

This causes the process
When we are under extreme stress, feel or see danger, our “limbic system” (the part of the brain that deals with our behavioral or emotional response) activates to include a response that will protect This is where the “fight, flight, or freeze” response kicks in. The part of the brain responsible for logical behavior, making good decisions, and considering consequences is disconnected from the process. The “limbic system” reacts irrationally, emotionally and sometimes aggressively. This is where the real reaction begins.

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