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After breaking up the marriage, two couples divorced, all four built a house together! Money Partner Actions



As society develops, the meaning of relationships also changes. Even in the previous society they were very different. There was a time when, in the society of kings and emperors, a woman had several husbands or a man several wives. Then the practice of marrying once started to increase, but now it seems that in foreign countries the old practice is returning. A new type of relationship has arisen there. Now, not only two people get involved in a marriage (4 people in a polyamorous relationship), but many people become part of a marriage.

According to the Unilad site report, this unique case was observed in America (New York, USA). Husband and wife named Rachel and Kyle Wright live in New York. Rashial, 34, is a marriage and family therapist. Speaking to the Insider website, she told how she and her husband became part of polygamy. Polygamy means having more than one partner.

couple divorce living in polygamy

Kayal left this relationship, information about which was given by Rashial on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/thewright_rachel)

All four started dating
When the two were in their twenties, they met and got married. Gradually they realized that they were both gay. He is interested in both men and women. After that, the two gave each other the freedom to date new partners from the year 2019. During the Corona period, he met the married couple Yair Lenchner and Ashley Giddens. All four started spending time together and after 18 months of dating, they decided to move into the same house together.

Moved to same house
After the shift, Rasheel and Kayal realized that they had to pay Yair and Ashley’s rent somehow with the rent they were paying, but they couldn’t invest anything. Because of this, they decided that they would divorce their respective partners and, like single people, all four of them would live under one roof. Because of this, the expenses of all four also decreased and their economic situation improved. They not only started sharing house, money, responsibilities, but also started sharing partners. However, only last month, Rashial posted a message on Instagram and said that her husband Kayal is no longer associated with this relationship as he was not able to adapt and he wanted to understand his identity. However, their separation is temporary.

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