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After giving birth to a child, the woman turned out to be a “man”! Father was confused after seeing the DNA report; Even scientists are surprised



A mother’s relationship with her daughter changed when her DNA test report came out. According to the forensic expert of the Colombian Institute of Genetics, such facts were revealed during the testing of the genes of a young woman, which is surprising.

puzzled experts
Scientists found out after tests that her mother is not the real mother but her daughter’s maternal uncle while according to her father she gave birth to the child. Things got even weirder when further results showed the girl’s father had not given birth to her. The father got angry and asked about the hospital itself. Said someone changed the results, how can this happen. Even the experts were surprised to find out. At an international seminar held in Washington DC, the institute’s forensic expert Juan Yunis said that at first our heads were also confused because for the first time such results came in the genetic test of a young woman, but later we realized that two decades ago -old business. .

After the arrival of the DNA test report, experts have drawn many important conclusions. Said that the blood sample taken from the mother indicated that she was not a woman. His sample contained the XY chromosomes of biological males instead of the XX chromosomes found in females. The GRID called it Maternal Exclusion in medical parlance. The scientist said that in some of these intersex women with XY chromosome, they have infertility problem. The DNA report revealed that the girl’s alleged father was not actually her father. It was the result of parental exclusion. However, later in the blood test, the father’s report became different.

Such a claim was made 20 years ago
Younes reported that in 2002 he was part of the team that performed genetic testing on Karen Keegan in search of a kidney transplant. They made a somewhat unusual discovery that suggested the genetic makeup could be made up of two pairs of eggs and sperm. Next, a DNA test was performed on a 52-year-old woman named Karen Keegan. Yunis called it a tetragametic chimera. In this tetra ie four eggs and sperm (gametes) have been mixed. This condition occurs when the genes of a dying twin embryo mix with those of the surviving embryo in early pregnancy. And it was the same situation with this woman, in this we can call her a human chimera.

What is chimerism?
Chimera takes its name from a mythical creature which is a combination of several animals. It is a single organism made up of cells from many different individuals. In mammals, chimeras are produced when two (or sometimes more) embryos fuse during pregnancy. Such an unusual condition forms in the genes of the dying twin in the womb of the mother. When a child is born looks like something from birth but the reality is different from appearances. It happens when the genes of the endangered twins mix with those of the living fetus in the womb.

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