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After the divorce, the husband and wife again fell in love with each other, then remarried



Viral news: You must have read one after another stories of love, love and divorce. But the story we are going to talk about today is different. Here, after the divorce, there was love again, and then the wedding took place. All this must seem a little vaporous to you. But all of this is true. And remember yes, it happens with sincere people too. Maybe someone was telling the truth… There is no fun in a love story without fights. An Australian couple have remarried after years of refusing to speak to their ex.

What makes their story all the more interesting is that an email reignited the weak spark between them. According to a report from News Corp Australia, Daniel Curtis and Tim Curtis met in January 2002 via an online dating platform. After two years of long romance, the couple got married.

such was the marriage
At the time of their marriage, Danielle was a single mother with two children and 18 months after their marriage, Tim officially adopted their children. Danielle and Tim later had three more children. Business was going well too. But these couples were affected by the global financial crisis in 2012. Tim was forced to move to another city due to a new job as a naval architect.

soon to be divorced
The husband had been working for a long time, because of which the conversation between the two began to decrease a little. These couples would soon get angry with each other. So, in 2015, Tim officially sent the divorce papers, and the fairytale romance ended. According to Daniel, there has always been love between the two but it was in anger. What separated the two. For years later, the two refused to speak to each other. He tried dating new people, but nothing worked.

love one more time
It was in 2017 when Danielle’s counselor made her realize that if she ever wanted to find peace, she had to forgive Tom and herself for their broken relationship. So she wrote an e-mail to Tom congratulating him on raising children. She said: “I took responsibility for my part in the breakdown of the marriage and told her that I had supported her in the way she raised the children and as a result, about six months later, she received a surprising response from the other side, he wrote: ‘Why not meet in person and talk about it?’ Romance resumed and they finally decided to put aside any resentment and remarried.

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