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After the mobilization of Russia, new fighters began to train, Western countries were shocked to see



Strong points

Use their skills in the handling of weapons, military equipment
Russia gives special training to new soldiers in Kaliningrad
Russia could recruit 1 million troops after mobilization

Moscow, The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that newly mobilized troops in the Kaliningrad region have begun combat training at the base of Russia’s Baltic Fleet. Giving information about military training on its Telegram channel, the ministry said that all mobilized servicemen train with small arms. In addition, civilians called up as reserve soldiers hone their skills in handling and maintaining weapons, military and special equipment.

These new fighters also take courses specially designed for military personnel to hone their shooting skills to face any situation and act with confidence on the battlefield. Russia has a significant military presence in Kaliningrad. It is a Russian-Baltic coast between NATO and EU members Poland and Lithuania with nuclear-capable missiles and thousands of troops.

Let us tell you that President Vladimir Putin last week ordered Russia’s first military mobilization since World War II, in which hundreds of thousands of people could be sent to fight in Ukraine. However, after the announcement, many young people vied to leave the country. According to the BBC report, some people are crossing the border on foot or by bicycle to avoid long queues to travel to countries neighboring Russia. Many young people leave the country because they have to continue their studies and risk being thrown into the war in the event of partial mobilization. That’s why he waits in the queue for 12-12 hours to cross the border.

Georgia is one of the few neighboring countries of Russia where Russia does not need a visa to visit. Similarly, Finland, which shares an approximately 1,300 km border with Russia, requires a visa to travel there. But there too the traffic increased considerably overnight. However, the situation is not so bad here. Similarly, in some places accessible by air, such as the announcement of the military call in Istanbul, Belgrade or Dubai, the prices of flights skyrocket after the call. But despite this, all tickets were sold out at some locations.

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