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Agents framed: Future of 700 Indian students at risk, reached Canada donating 20 lakh each, now fired!



Toronto: The future of over 700 students in Canada is in jeopardy. These students are sent to India from Canada. In fact, rogue agents who were playing with his future had sent him to Canada with the help of a fake visa. These students had applied for their visa at the Education Migration Service Center located in Jalandhar. It was headed by a person named Brijesh Mishra who charged more than Rs 20 lakh per student for all expenses including admission fees at Canada’s famous Humber College. There was a separate amount for the airfare and its security.

Now that 700 students with fake visas have been identified by the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA), the agency has issued a letter ordering them to return to India, reports The Indian Express. These students had gone to Canada for studies in 2018-2019. The fraud came to light when these students applied for permanent residence (PR) in Canada, for which the “offer of admission letters” came under scrutiny, i.e. documents examined by the CBSA on the basis of which visas were issued to students in which it was found that the offer letters of all students were false.

Investigators said most of these students have already completed their education, obtained work permits and work experience. When the kids asked for PR, they got in trouble. This academic fraud has come to the fore in Canada for the first time. Experts said so much fraud happens because so many people are applying to Canada.

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In this case, the students said they were completely innocent because the officers did it very smartly. Many students said they were reimbursed for their fees by the agents through whom they had been admitted to other colleges. He was less suspicious thanks to the reimbursement of expenses. A consultant from Jalandhar, who has been sending students to Canada for 10 years, told The Indian Express that a number of factors are involved in such scams, from receiving bogus offer letters from colleges to students asking for visas. received as colleges only issue visas after fees have been deposited.

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