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Alien attack on US nuclear base! Big disclosure from a military officer, the government went into hiding



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Ex-Captain Reveals UFO Sightings Over Nuclear Missile Base Decades Ago
They said a red-orange, shiny thing was flying in the sky
Everyone could see the lights turn from green to red in the sky

Washington, The former US Air Force captain has revealed that an unidentified flying object (UFO) seen at the nuclear missile base decades ago created a war situation at one point. Former United States Air Force Captain Robert Salas revealed on National Geographic’s UFO show how an incident on March 24, 1967, puzzled investigative agencies for three years. During the interview, he said he was told about it by a guard at the time. A red-orange, shiny thing was flying in the sky. After that, Salas received another call after about five minutes, after which he felt he was being attacked.

According to the American (US Airforce) officer, he did not know by whom it had been done and the bells were ringing throughout the control room. Everyone could see the light changing from green to red all over the sky. According to Salas, the incident damaged a large number of missiles and nuclear weapons, yet the US government failed to investigate. Not only that, Salas said heads of units with information about it were asked to sign confidentiality agreements about it.

Meanwhile, three years after that incident, the US Air Force shut down its UFO investigation unit, saying there was no damage. Let us tell you that last month a book by ex-police officer Gary Heseltine claimed that the US Air Force shot down a UFO flying over Britain. The book stated that American personnel had detonated UFOs at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk. These two things have once again fueled the discourse on extraterrestrials and UFOs.

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