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America: Air traffic normalizes, flights affected due to FAA system failure



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Air traffic is becoming more and more normal in America
The Minister of Transport informed the President
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Washington. Normal air traffic operations across the United States began to slowly resume on Wednesday. Earlier in the morning, hundreds of planes across the United States were grounded after a technical glitch in a system that alerts pilots and other personnel to airborne problems. Earlier in the morning, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a technical problem in its “Notice to Air Mission System” or NOTAM, which alerts pilots and other personnel to in-flight problems. The FAA ordered the airline to delay all domestic departures Wednesday morning, but several hours later lifted the ground stop by 9 a.m.

The FAA said in a tweet: “Normal air traffic operations are slowly resuming across the United States following an overnight outage of the ‘Air Mission Advisory System’ which provides safety information to flight crews. conduct.” The “ground stop” has been removed. We are continuing to investigate the cause of the original issue. According to flight tracking company FlightAware, more than 3,700 flights to or from the United States were delayed and more than 600 canceled due to the system outage. The AP quoted aeronautical data company Cerium as saying more than 21,000 flights were scheduled to take off in the United States on Wednesday, mostly domestic flights, and about 1,840 international flights were scheduled to arrive in the United States.

FAA reinstates “Notice to Air Missions” system
The FAA previously said it was working to restore its “air mission notification system” and that departures at Newark Liberty International Airport and Atlanta International Airport were resuming. He said: ‘We expect departures to other airports to resume at 9am. The FAA said: “Currently all flights in the sky are safe to land. Pilots check the NOTAM system before takeoff. The “Air Mission Advisory” alerts pilots to closed runways, instrument faults and other potential hazards on the flight path or at a location that could affect flight. He had previously said that operations in the national airspace system had been affected.

Information given by Minister of Transport Pete Buttigieg to US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden was briefed by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the FAA system failure. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said in a tweet: “There is currently no evidence of a cyberattack, but the President has directed DOT to fully investigate the cause. “. The FAA will provide regularly updated information. Transportation Minister Buttigieg said he was in contact with the FAA and monitoring the situation. He said in a tweet: “I was in contact with the FAA this morning regarding a malfunction affecting a critical system providing safety information to pilots.” The FAA is working to resolve this issue quickly and safely so that air traffic can resume normal operations. The FAA will continue to provide updated information.

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