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America: Being targeted for being Sikh, won’t accept defeat, big allegation by Harmeet Dhillon involved in race for RNC chairman



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Harmeet Dhillon is a candidate for chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Accused of being targeted because he is Sikh
The RNC presidential election will be held on January 27.

WashingtonIndian-American lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, a candidate for the election of the chairman of the Republican National Committee, alleged that some members of the party opposed him because of his affiliation to the Sikh religion. Dhillon said she would not give up and continue in the race for the top job. Dhillon (54), a former co-chair of the California Republican Party, faces a challenge from influential leader and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel for the job.

Dhillon said on Twitter on Monday that attacks on him because of his religion will not deter him or his team from making positive changes to the RNC, including new standards of accountability, transparency, integrity and of decency. Dhillon said he received several threatening tweets on Monday. He said: ‘Threats are being received today. A Ronna supporter replied to my message about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and threatened me with consequences if I didn’t stop sending “boring” messages to voters (no one on my team a The member has not been invited to send a message).

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The election for the post of president will take place on January 27
He tweeted on his verified ‘Punjaban’ Twitter account, “Another person in my team received a threatening call from an RNC consultant for questioning major RNC donors. Keep quiet, they won’t work for either the campaign or the RNC.The ‘Politico’ newspaper said in a report last week that opponents had raised concerns about Dhillon’s Sikhism, which upset some members of the committee.

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Dhillon told Politico: “It is sad to hear that some members of the RNC have questioned my fitness to lead the RNC by using my Sikhism as a weapon against me.” McDaniel condemned such attacks on the basis of religion.

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