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America: despite having received the smallpox vaccine, the person contracted monkeypox, despite previous research showing its effectiveness



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Monkeypox infection in a person who has been vaccinated against smallpox in America.
A big question has arisen about the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine against monkeypox.
In research in 1988, the smallpox vaccine was found to be up to 85% effective against monkeypox.

Washington. In the United States, such a case of monkeypox was reported in a patient vaccinated against smallpox ACAM2000 8 years ago. Despite this vaccination, this person contracted monkeypox. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided this information. The CDC said a patient was found in Washington who was vaccinated against smallpox 8 years ago. This led to monkeypox despite being successfully immunized against smallpox. This has raised a major question about the effectiveness of the ACAM2000 vaccine amid the current monkeypox vaccine shortage.

According to a report by Insider newspaper, the patient was previously a healthy 34-year-old man who had sex with men. When this man began to develop sores on his skin as well as constant fatigue and headaches, he went to a sexually transmitted infection clinic. This person had a gonorrhea infection and syphilis in 2017 which was cured after treatment. There was no information about HIV infection or any other illness in his military medical records.

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Monkeypox has been a major cause of public health concern since the eradication of smallpox in the 1980s. It was previously discovered that the smallpox vaccine could provide protection against monkeypox. In people vaccinated against smallpox, the infection is very mild in the case of monkeypox. A 1988 study reported that smallpox vaccination provided up to 85% protection against monkeypox. A 2008 study reported that the ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine completely protected monkeys despite a lethal dose of monkeypox virus.

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