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America: Donald Trump’s request to postpone the announcement of the presidential candidacy, allies gave this advice



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Donald Trump prepares for the presidential election
Allies advised to postpone bid announcement

WashingtonPresidential election is due to be held in America in 2024. Former US President Donald Trump is preparing for the Republican nomination for the upcoming Presidential election. In such a situation, after the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections, there is a request to postpone their decision in this regard. Tuesday night’s disappointing results for the Republican Party raise new questions about Trump’s appeal and the future of the party.

Some Trump aides advise postponing his proposed announcement until next week. He says all the party’s focus should be on Georgia. Where former Trump-backed soccer player Herschel Walker attempts to defeat Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock.

A former adviser gave this advice to Trump
“I would advise him to delay his announcement until a final decision is made in Georgia,” said Jason Miller, a former Trump adviser. “What every Republican in the country needs to focus on right now is Georgia,” said Miller, who stood alongside former club president Maralago in Florida on Tuesday night. Let us tell you, Trump tried to prove his political clout after losing the race for the White House in the 2020 midterm elections.

Excitement over the presidential election in the United States has intensified. As Donald Trump prepares for the Republican candidacy, President Joe Biden has also announced his intention to run again. He said he wanted to participate in the elections again. However, he left the decision of his candidacy to his family. He said his family had to make the final decision whether to run for office.

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