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America: Harvard students rally in support of Chinese protesters and wave slogans against Jinping



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Dozens of people gathered at Harvard University on Tuesday to show their support for the Chinese protesters.
These people shouted slogans against the Chinese government and Jinping.
About 50 protesters sang songs and held up slogans in Chinese and English.

Cambridge (Massachusetts). In recent decades, along with Beijing, many other cities have witnessed the largest protests against the Chinese communist government. People’s anger has erupted due to the strict restrictions of the Zero Covid policy implemented for the prevention of coronavirus. Protesters are demanding the resignation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Now, in support of these Chinese protesters, dozens of people gathered at Harvard University on Tuesday and shouted slogans against the Chinese government and Jinping. About 50 protesters sang songs in Chinese and English and held up slogans in both languages.

Most of them were students from Ivy League schools. They chanted “We are not slaves, we are citizens!”, asking Chinese President Xi Jinping to leave the chair. and ‘We don’t want a dictatorship, we want elections!’ Slogans like Many people gathered in front of the statue of John Harvard, the university’s founder, wore masks. It wasn’t because of Covid-19. On the contrary, they feared that their families would suffer dire consequences if they were identified by the Chinese authorities. These students feared that their relatives in China would be harassed or that their jobs would also be in danger.

What is the Zero Covid policy? Against which the Chinese people raged, will remain intact despite the loosening

Wen, a Chinese graduate student at Harvard who took part in the protest, said he didn’t want relatives at his home to get in trouble because of him. Significantly, due to the Chinese authorities’ zero-covid policy, protests have taken place in at least eight cities in mainland China and in Hong Kong. The protests are being called the biggest protests against the Chinese government since the student-led pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989. To deal with them, the government sent students home from some universities. Police were deployed in Beijing and Shanghai to prevent further protests on Tuesday. Security forces arrested unknown persons and increased surveillance.

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