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America: Major US Special Forces operation in Somalia, 10 of which ISIS terrorist ‘Bilal Al Sudani’ killed, find out latest update



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The Great US Special Forces Operation in Somalia
10 terrorists including ISIS leader Bilal al-Sudani killed in northern Somalia
There is no news of civilians injured or killed in the US Army operation.

Washington: US Special Operations Forces have killed a notorious member of the Organization of Islamic State (ISIS) and 10 other terrorists in northern Somalia. The administration of US President Joe Biden announced it. US Secretary of State Lloyd Austin said in a statement that Wednesday’s operation in the mountainous region targeted Bilal al-Sudani, who provided financial support to the global terror organization.

“This action makes America and its partners safer and reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting Americans against the threat of terrorism at home and abroad,” the statement said. President Biden was briefed last week on the campaign plan, which had been in the works for several months. Two Biden administration officials said on condition of anonymity that he (Biden) gave final approval to go through with the campaign this week on the recommendation of Austin and the president of the heads of state- Joint Maj. Gen. Mark Milley.

Austin said al-Sudani had been on the radar of US intelligence officials for several years. He was instrumental in financially supporting IS operations in Africa as well as ISIS-K, its terrorist wing in Afghanistan.

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The US Treasury Department claimed last year that al-Sudani was also working with another IS member, Abdel Hussein Abadigga. Abdulla Hussein Abadigga had sent young people to South Africa to join the organization and send them to arms training camps. Pentagon officials said there were no civilian casualties in the operation. According to an administration official, an American involved in the operation was bitten by an army dog ​​but there is nothing to worry about.

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