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America: NASA’s Moon rocket launch postponed again, this time Nicole Hurricane disturbed



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NASA postponed its long-delayed mission again on Tuesday
A launch attempt that was scheduled for November 14 will now take place on November 16.
NASA made this decision due to Tropical Hurricane Nicole

Miami. NASA again postponed its long-delayed mission to the Moon on Tuesday. Or rather, NASA has to reschedule this mission again. This time the reason is Tropical Hurricane Nicole. NASA officials gave this information. Giving this information on Twitter, Jim Free, a senior official with the US space agency, said a launch attempt that was scheduled for November 14 will now take place on November 16.

According to the AFP news agency, this is the third postponement of the long-awaited launch in so many months. “Our people are the most important aspect of our mission,” Frei wrote on Twitter. It is known that Jim Free is the Associate Administrator of NASA Exploration Systems Development. He further wrote, “Extending our targeted launch date for Artemis. I prioritize employee safety and enable our team to meet the needs of their families and homes.

At the same time, a hurricane warning was issued near Kennedy Space Center, where NASA’s most powerful rocket was to be launched. With Nicole growing stronger, NASA has decided to reschedule a launch for the Artemis I mission to Wednesday, November 16. The agency said in a statement late Tuesday that it will be launched after employees return to work safely and inspected after the storm passes.

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It will launch during a two-hour window that opens Nov. 16 at 1:04 a.m. EST (0604 GMT), NASA said. At the same time, a backup launch date has been set for November 19. Notably, two launch attempts this summer had to be postponed due to technical issues. Earlier on August 30, the US space agency canceled the mission launch for the first time due to a technical issue with one of the SLS rocket engines. And he was arrested for the second time on September 3 after a liquid hydrogen leak was detected.

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