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America News: Donald Trump insulted reporter who accused him of rape, 1996 case comes up again, know the whole case



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Donald Trump insults a journalist who accuses him of sexual harassment
Derogatory remarks against a woman journalist and threatened with prosecution
The 1996 case is raised again, the difficulties of the former US president have increased

New York. Trump has challenged the case of a female journalist who accused former President Donald Trump of rape. Excerpts from Trump’s testimony released Friday by a court in a lawsuit filed by columnist E. Jean Carroll include disparaging remarks against the reporter and threats of lawsuits. Excerpts from Trump’s statement recorded in October in a lawsuit filed by Jean Carroll were made public after a federal judge denied a request by Trump’s attorneys to keep it sealed.

According to Trump’s statement, “The woman said I did something to her that never happened. Nothing like that happened. I don’t know anything about that woman.” These excerpts highlight a heated argument between Trump and one of Carroll’s lawyers. Parts of the statement were released the same day that Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan also denied a request by Trump’s attorneys to dismiss Carroll’s two lawsuits alleging rape and defamation. A hearing is scheduled in April.

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Trump said he never met Carroll in a Manhattan store in the mid-1990s. In his day-long testimony, Trump attacked Carroll for portraying him as a rapist. In 2019, a book by Carroll was published in which she alleged that Trump harassed her in the locker room as soon as they met in a Manhattan store in late 1995 and early 1996.

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