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America praised India, said Russia should listen to Jaishankar’s message to end war



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The United States gave India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar praise
Advice given to Russia, said – understand from India that this is not a time of war
Said – listen to Indian diplomacy and Jaishankar’s continuing message

New Delhi. Indian External Affairs Minister S. during a two-day visit to Russia amid the Ukrainian conflict. The eyes of the world were on Jaishankar (EAM S Jaishankar) and now the reaction of the US State Department has come to the fore. Spokesman Ned Price praised Jaishankar and said Russia should listen to India’s message to stop the war in Ukraine. He said Russia should understand India’s diplomacy.

India’s External Affairs Minister S. Responding to the talks between Jaishankar and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow, Ned Price said that over the past few months we have had several talks with the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs foreign. S. Jaishankar also met. Ned Price said India again reiterated that it is against war. The same advice was given by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Russian President Vladimir Putin and now Jaishankar has said the same. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Putin in Samarkand it was not a time of war.

India wants to see a solution to the war through dialogue and diplomacy
Ned Price said India had sent the message that it wanted to see a solution to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war through dialogue and diplomacy. India said now is not the time for war, in such a situation both countries should understand the importance of India’s role.

America gave this reaction to India buying oil from Russia
In Moscow, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said that India would continue to buy oil from Russia. In such a situation, US spokesman Ned Price reacted to this by saying that this matter is related to the bilateral interests of Russia and India. However, considering the collective interests, India should reduce its dependence on Russia. Russia is neither reliable in its energy supply nor in security equipment. The United States has declared that India has a great need for energy and that is why it is buying fuel from Russia. It does not violate restrictions. He said now was not the time to do business with Russia and that countries dependent on it should reduce trade with Russia.

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