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America: Singer Robert Kelly was punished, a video was made on wrongdoing with his granddaughter



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American singer Robert Kelly has been charged with child pornography.
Kelly was found guilty of making a video of her misbehavior with her 14-year-old granddaughter.
For this, there is a law in Chicago for a minimum sentence of five to ten years.

Washington. American singer Robert Kelly has been charged with child pornography. R Kelly was charged on Wednesday for making a video of his misbehavior with his 14-year-old granddaughter. The victim is now 37 years old. The verdict came after a month-long trial in Chicago. Robert Kelly was charged with six of 13 counts, three of which related to child pornography offences.

According to an ANI news agency, the jury convicted Robert Kelly after deliberating for about 11 hours starting Tuesday afternoon. This is a crime for which Chicago has a mandatory minimum sentence of five to ten years. This same year, he was also sentenced to 30 years in prison. In June, Robert Kelly was found guilty of running a sex racket in a separate case in Brooklyn. Kelly was charged with child pornography and was also charged with rigging his trial in 2008. He was found not guilty of that. Kelly was also accused of making videos of herself while having sex with underage girls.

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During the trial, prosecutors claimed R. Kelly was “a sexual predator” who used his popularity to victimize young girls and film wrongdoing. Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Pozzolo told jurors that Robert Kelly had abused several girls over the years. They have committed horrific crimes against children. After so many years, the true face of Robert Kelly has come to the fore. The video of Robert Kelly misbehaving with his teenage granddaughter was a major part of the list of testimonies against him.

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