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America will be taught in US schools, currently America is taught in these countries



America teaching in US schools, countries where America is taught: Now, America teaching can also start in US schools. A proposal has been submitted to President Biden on this subject. According to a media, representatives of the Asia Society and the Indian American Impact, associated with the Democratic Party, would have taken the initiative. Under this, a proposal has been made to start teaching America subject in around 1000 schools with a fund of Rs 816 crore.

If the reports are to be believed, this proposal will be approved as the attitude of the Biden administration is positive for India. Apart from this, there are a large number of ethnic Indian voters in America, in such a situation, starting to study America can also benefit the Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential elections.

high school studies
However, America lessons are provided at the secondary level in America. But their education is at the basic level. Also, being at the secondary level, children cannot learn it easily. In such a situation, students will also benefit from teaching America from primary grades.

America is taught in these countries
Let us tell you that the America language already has a lot of recognition globally. It is currently being studied in many countries. These include Mauritius, Fiji, Japan, Italy, Nepal, South Africa, Finland and many other countries. Apart from this, recently Britain also decided to start teaching America language in 1500 schools from this academic term. For this, the government has also allocated a budget of Rs 2 crore.

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