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America will kill 150 cows with bullets! Death will rain from a helicopter, know why officers fell on cruelty



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About 150 such cows have been marked in the forest which will be slaughtered from the helicopter
Around 150 stray cows will be targeted in the four-day campaign starting Thursday
The decision of the authorities could be the subject of a legal challenge by the breeders

Washington, US authorities have ordered wildlife experts to kill feral cows in the Gila Wilderness in southwestern New Mexico as part of an effort to eradicate them. According to a Fox News report, about 150 such cows (America will kill 150 cows) have been tagged in the area, which have attacked tourists and damaged sensitive areas in the nation’s first declared wilderness area. About 150 stray cows will be targeted in a four-day campaign starting Thursday, which conservationists say will destroy the ecosystem of endangered species amid the rising mountains and steep valleys of Gila, the news agency reported. Officials said the operation was necessary and it was difficult to make a decision.

Meanwhile, the New York Post quoted forestry supervisor Camille Howes as saying that wild cattle in the Gila Forest had been aggressive towards tourists visiting the forest. These cattle graze all year round and trample banks and streams, causing erosion problems. However, the authorities’ decision could face a legal challenge from herders who said killing cattle on the air was a cruel and inefficient way to manage the population. Lorraine Patterson, president of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association (NMCGA), said officials aren’t looking for long-term solutions and they shouldn’t be seen as cruel.

The NMCGA previously sued the Forest Service, and Patterson threatened further legal action to block the decision. Last year’s legal challenge ended in an out-of-court settlement, with Patterson saying both sides were asked to explore other options. The Forest Service’s decision pleased environmentalists, who want all cows removed from the Gila and other public lands.

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