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American journalists were spied on via Tiktok, the Chinese company ByteDance itself admitted; dismissed 4 employees



New Delhi: An important information has been revealed regarding ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of the popular video application Tick Talk. Some ByteDance employees spied on American journalists. ByteDance itself admitted that some of its employees improperly accessed the data of two American journalists who were TikTok users during the summer season this year. However, these employees are no longer part of the company, as the company terminated them. Four ByteDance employees were involved in this spy case. This was revealed in the Reuters news agency report.

In a report by Reuters news agency, ByteDance employees were said to have accessed the data of two American journalists earlier this year as part of an unsuccessful attempt to investigate the leak of information from the company. The purpose of the data access during the investigation into the company’s information leak was to identify possible links between the BuzzFeed reporter, the Financial Times reporter and company employees, and to determine how inside information was disclosed.

The report says that ByteDance employees attempted to track journalists’ IP addresses to see if they were at the same location from which employees suspected the leak of confidential information. The New York Times also revealed earlier access to journalists’ data. Now, this disclosure may increase pressure on Tiktok from lawmakers and the Biden administration in Washington over security concerns over US user data.

A person with knowledge of the matter said that four ByteDance employees involved in this incident of accessing US journalists’ data have been expelled from the company. Two of them were Chinese and two Americans. The company said it was taking additional steps to protect user data. Tiktok chief executive Shou Chi Chew said in a separate email to employees that this type of abuse is completely against company principles.

After the report of this spy case was reported, US government employees were banned from using Tiktok on government cell phones or other devices. Congress is set to pass legislation this week to ban US government employees from downloading or using TikTok on their government-owned devices, and more than a dozen governors have banned state employees. to use government devices, according to reports banned from using Tiktok.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times said in a statement that spying on journalists, interfering with their work or threatening their sources is completely unacceptable. We will thoroughly investigate this story before deciding on our official response. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed News spokeswoman Lizzy Grams said the incident was a gross violation of the privacy and rights of Tiktok users as well as journalists. Additionally, Forbes also reported on Thursday that ByteDance followed several Forbes reporters.

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