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American scientists have created the “artificial sun”, “100 times more powerful” than the natural sun, know what its advantage will be



Washington: After China, America has also succeeded in the feat of manufacturing “artificial sun” in the laboratory. At the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, American scientists have achieved a nuclear fusion reaction for the first time, resulting in the generation of clean energy. Nuclear fusion is often referred to as the “artificial sun”. The results of this experiment could prove to be a major step in the decades-long quest to find an infinite source of clean energy, and its success could help eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. Nuclear fusion or nuclear fusion occurs when two or more atoms join together into a larger atom.

During this process, a large amount of energy is generated in the form of heat. The process of separating atoms is called nuclear fission or nuclear fission. It is through this process that electricity is generated from nuclear reactors and radioactive waste is generated on a large scale. But this does not happen in nuclear fusion. The energy produced by neutrons and alpha particles is stored as heat and is then used to generate energy. A few months ago, China had achieved great successes in the direction of nuclear fusion. For 1,056 seconds or about 17 minutes, 70 million degrees Celsius of energy was released from the nuclear fusion reactor located in Hefei. Last year, British scientists were able to generate a record amount of continuous energy, but it only lasted 5 seconds.

What is the meaning of the sun made in the laboratory, how will it benefit?
What exactly is the lab-made sun that America or China are talking about? Scientists have copied the process by which the natural sun produces energy in the laboratory. Several times scientists failed in this experiment, because the nuclear fusion chamber could not tolerate such a temperature. China and now America have succeeded. Experts believe that the energy obtained from nuclear fusion will be cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other energy sources. With this, we are not going to extract fossil fuels by harming nature. This means that the environment will also be safe and the energy needs of humans will also be met. The sun made in the laboratory is considered a great source of green energy, thanks to which the worsening of the energy crisis in the world will be reduced.

Carolyn Kuranj, assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan, explained the process of nuclear fusion. In this experiment, researchers at the National Ignition Facility fired a laser 192 times at a 1 mm fuel pellet consisting of 2 molecules of hydrogen with additional neutrons of tritium and deuterium in a gold canister. This process is called nuclear ignition, in which 100 times more heat than the Sun has been released. When these lasers collide with the gold cartridge, X-rays are generated which heat the fuel pellet to a temperature of over 3 million degrees Celsius. It is 100 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. If these conditions are maintained for a long time, the fuel will fuse together and the release of energy will continue.

The opinion of scientists, after 5 billion years, nature could end the energy of the sun
Scientists believe that a time will come when the sun’s natural ability to generate energy will diminish. According to estimates, such a situation could arise after about 5 billion years (5 billion years). The heat emitted by the sun is a kind of energy produced by nuclear fusion. The sun is actually made up of gases like helium and hydrogen. Fission in these releases a lot of energy, part of which also reaches the earth, while another part remains dispersed in space. According to scientists’ estimates, in 5 billion years, the stock of hydrogen present near the natural sun will begin to be depleted. Because of this, the nuclear fusion process will slow down, which means the energy coming out of the sun will decrease. Because of this, the sun will start to get even hotter, more massive, which is called the red giant process. Every dying star reaches this stage first.

Due to this, the temperature of the earth will rise so much that the oceans will dry up. Trees and plants will begin to die. Even solid things will start to melt and become vapor. Life on earth will end. The expansion of the sun will be such that many nearby planets, such as Venus and Mars, will also be included inside. After that, a phase will come, which scientists call White Dwarf. In this process, the temperature of the sun will begin to cool. The speed of its expansion will stop and continuous explosions will begin on the outer surface, which will continue to occur until the sun’s heat is completely over. However, even after that, his remains will remain, from which heat and poisonous gases will continue to come out. It will take at least 1 billion years or 1 billion years to cool down. In this way, the sun will end. Scientists do not exclude the possibility that even during the above process, humans were able to save themselves. However, the scientists did not express any logic or idea of ​​how this would be possible.

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