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America’s First Elected Lesbian Governor, Trump’s Close Friend Made History, Fought Election On These Issues



Strong points

America’s first self-proclaimed lesbian governor defeats Republican Geoff Diehl
Healy came from Massachusetts to openly campaign as a gay candidate for the first time
Healy openly campaigned against Trump’s views and outwitted those close to him

Washington. The nation’s first self-described lesbian governor won the U.S. midterm elections held on Tuesday. According to AFP, Democrat Maura Healey defeated Republican Geoff Diehl, who also had the backing of former President Donald Trump. Democratic Attorney General Maura Healy was elected governor of Massachusetts, marking the first time she openly campaigned as a lesbian candidate.

During the election campaign, Healy pledged to expand job training programs, make child care more affordable, and modernize schools. Healy also said she would work on “safe and legal abortion in Massachusetts” following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down abortion. During his election, Democrats warned people that Geoff Diehl would bring Trumpism to Massachusetts.

Let us tell you, Diehl served as co-chairman of former President Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign in Massachusetts. Due to being very close to Trump, concern that Diehl would spread Trumpism in the state was voiced by Democrats to the people.

The Democratic governor came after 8 years
After eight years of waiting in Massachusetts, the Democrats were elected governor of the state. The people eliminated the Republican Party from the state by electing Healy after popular Republican Gov. Charlie Baker decided not to contest. Healy raised the issue of climate change alongside the issue of jobs, which is popular with young voters.

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