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America’s Gun Culture: Only 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher In America, School Had To Be Closed



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A 6-year-old boy shot his teacher in America
teacher seriously injured

Virginia: A 6-year-old child shot his teacher at a school in the town of Newport News, Virginia, United States, wounding him. City police officials said the first-class student fired because of an argument with the teacher, which resulted in her being seriously injured. Police said the child had a handgun in the classroom and they took him into custody. Investigators are trying to find out where the child got the gun.

This incident took place at Richneck Elementary School. Police said no students were injured in the school shooting. The teacher suffered serious injuries, because of which she was hospitalized. Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said his condition had improved somewhat by late afternoon. Police said such a case first appeared when such a small child hurts people with weapons. The police chief did not provide further details about the shooting, the fight or what happened inside the school.

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Let us tell you that Newport News is a city of approximately 185,000 people in southeastern Virginia, known for its shipyard, where aircraft carriers and other United States Navy ships are built for the ‘America. According to the Virginia Department of Education website, Richneck has approximately 550 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. School authorities have already indicated that classes will not take place at school on Monday.

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