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Amritpal Singh News: Security tightened outside embassy in San Francisco… Khalistan supporters again gathered and waved the flag



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Khalistan supporters again gathered outside the Indian consulate in San Francisco.
The San Francisco police had tightened security this time.
Khalistan supporters ransacked the embassy on Sunday.

Washington. Supporters of Khalistan demonstrated outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, United States. More than 200 protesters gathered here on Wednesday for the planned demonstration. During this time he also showed the Khalistani flag. Although the San Francisco police are present in front of the Indian consulate. A large police force was deployed there on Sunday following violent unrest.

According to the ANI news agency, heavy barricades were made on the road here after Khalistani supporters created a row at the Indian consulate in San Francisco on Sunday. Uniformed officers stood aside and patrolled the area during Wednesday’s protest. The demonstrators included turbaned men of all ages who held up pro-Khalistan slogans. They came from different parts of the Bay Area.

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Organizers used microphones to deliver anti-Indian speeches in English and Punjabi, and targeted Punjab police for alleged human rights abuses. When the ANI tried to speak to one of the protesters, he accused the Indian media of being a fringe element and being backed by the Pakistani spy agency ISI. A pro-Khalistan youth said: “Such pamphlets are circulating on social media and young people are at the frontline of the protests.

Meanwhile, the Indian consulate in San Francisco is working with law enforcement to secure diplomats working on its premises. Ambassador Nagendra Prasad in San Francisco tweeted on Wednesday, writing, “Thank you San Francisco Police Department Chief for the assurance. Meeting with Chief Scott to discuss the attack on the Indian Consulate Chancery building on March 19 and request to increase the level of security of the Consulate premises and staff.

The embassy was ransacked on Sunday
Significantly, Khalistan supporters have started wreaking havoc around the world. After the vandalism in London, Khalistan supporters attacked the Indian Consulate in San Francisco (SFO). Video of Khalistani supporters breaking down the office door and forcing their way in has also surfaced on social media. In the shared video, a large crowd of Khalistan supporters were seen smashing the glass doors and windows of the consulate building.

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