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Andhra doctor’s pet jaguar and panther trapped in Ukraine war, begged India to save



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This doctor had left his pet with a farmer in the war zone.
He is known as Jaguar Kumar due to his unusual pet.
Dr. Gidi Kumar lived in the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine.

Kyiv. An orthopedic doctor from Andhra Pradesh, who was stuck there during the Russian attack on Ukraine, has now called on the Indian government to help rescue his pet jaguar and panther trapped in the combat zone there -down. When the doctor was taken out of the war zone, he had left his pets with a farmer. Known as Jaguar Kumar because of his unusual pets, Dr Gidi Kumar Patil said his highest priority was to save the lives of his precious pets – Jaguar Yasha and Sabrina, a black leopard female.

When Russia attacked Ukraine, Dr. Gidi Kumar started trying to save his pet jaguar and panther. The 42-year-old Indian doctor was forced to leave him with a local farmer. Dr. Gidi Kumar lived in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine and left the region after becoming disillusioned with finding another source of income. which was the center of the war. The Indian Embassy in Kyiv has expressed its inability to help him in this matter. For this reason, he appealed to the Indian government to help and solve this problem.

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Patil said that given the current state of their pets and their safety, this issue should be considered immediately and acted quickly on any possible solutions. Significantly, the Indian doctor, popularly known as Jaguar Kumar, had refused to leave Ukraine without his pet jaguar and leopard. He said, “I called the embassy, ​​but I didn’t get a proper answer. My house is surrounded by Russians. I’m doing my best to save my animal. I treat them like my children.

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