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Another marvel from the James Webb Space Telescope, the clearest image of Neptune’s rings after 3 decades, have you seen?



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NASA has released a photo of the planet Neptune.
This photo was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.
This is the clearest image for over 30 years.

New Delhi. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has done another wonder. NASA released a new photo taken by her. This image is of the planet Neptune, in which its rings are also visible. This is the clearest image for over 30 years. The clearest and closest image of Neptune is known to have been seen when the Voyager 2 spacecraft flew close to the planet in 1989. In this image taken by the Webb Telescope, in addition to many bright rings, a band light dust is also visible.

Neptune system expert Heidi Hamel told a press conference that the last time we saw these misty, dusty rings was three decades ago. This is the first time we see them in infrared. According to a Times Now report, the European Space Agency (ESA) said that since its discovery in 1846, Neptune has fascinated as well as surprised researchers.

Significantly, Neptune is located 30 times farther from the Sun than our planet, i.e. Earth. Along with that, we still see Neptune as a blue planet. This is due to the presence of methane. It is richer in heavier elements like hydrogen and helium than Jupiter and Saturn.

But when we look at the image from the near-infrared camera of the James Webb Telescope, Neptune does not appear blue. The reason is that it captures light in the near infrared. Apart from all these things, a thin bright line can also be seen around the equator in this image. Neptune’s orbit is 164 years old, which is why its north pole is not clearly visible. But for the first time, the Webb telescope was able to take such an image of it.

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