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Another native Indian made history in America, became governor of Maryland



Annapolis (Md). Another native Indian made history in America. Aruna Miller became Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Aruna is the first expatriate woman to become governor of Maryland. Aruna was nominated for the position of Lieutenant Governor of the Democratic Party. She defeated her closest rival to become the first expatriate woman to reach the Governor’s House. After becoming the Democratic nominee, some sections started criticizing Aruna Miller. Numerous charges were also brought against him. Aruna had vehemently denied these allegations. Now he has also won the Lieutenant Governor’s race.

Aruna Miller was also a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. He also contested the parliamentary elections in the year 2018, but he faced defeat in the primary itself. After that, this year he was nominated as a candidate for governor. It is thanks to his politics that he won this election. He was also heavily criticized by the opposition faction, which was rejected outright by Aruna. His victory in the gubernatorial election shut the mouths of all opposition. Now the eyes of all the people will be fixed on his politics.

Aruna Miller was born on November 6, 1964 in Andhra Pradesh. When she was only 7 years old, her parents immigrated to America. She lived in New York in her early days. His father worked at IBM as a mechanical engineer. His early studies also took place in New York. Aruna Miller graduated in Civil Engineering. She worked as a transportation engineer in California. She came to Maryland from New York in 1990. Aruna Miller became an American citizen in 2000. After that he turned to politics. Now she has been elected Governor of Maryland.

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FIRST POST: 09 November 2022, 08:12 IST