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Are efforts being made to prevent the war between Russia and Ukraine from turning into a world war?



strong points

For a year, the Russian-Ukrainian war is confined to Ukraine.
Western countries, especially NATO countries, have exercised restraint in this regard.
Russia also did not give a chance to expand this war.

At the moment, efforts are being made to prevent the Russian-Ukrainian war from turning into a big war or a world war. The truth is that these are all such attempts to avoid responsibility for changing the world war. Recently, Belarus announced that it would not participate in the war until it itself was attacked. At the same time, Russia is also trying to avoid a big action so as not to be accused of inciting a big war. Overall, as has been the case for a year, efforts are being made on all sides to limit this war to Ukraine only.

attention from the start
From the start of the war, each side was careful to create a narrative such that they were not responsible for the escalation of the war. Take Russia first, he has repeatedly warned that Ukraine should refrain from its closeness to NATO, otherwise it will have to face the consequences. Finally, Putin sent his army on February 24 in the name of military action in Ukraine.

first attempts
On the other hand, Western countries, in which America and European countries were mainly involved in the form of NATO, announced that they were helping Ukraine, but continued to avoid its direct help so that the war did not break out. not turn into a world war. At the same time, Russia also made it clear that direct interference by any other country would take the war to a wider level, for which it itself would not be responsible.

avoidance of liability for incitement to war
The result of this was that the war is about to end for a year. It continues, but no one knows how it can be stopped. America is very vocal against Russia, but it is gradually giving arms to Ukraine so that it cannot be held responsible for pushing Russia to propagate war. The same goes for Germany, recently America had to persuade Germany to supply arms to Ukraine.

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Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko also said recently that he would not participate directly in the war until his country was attacked. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Lately a lot of things seem to be changing
In the same war, Russia is slowly worsening the situation in Ukraine, and the weapons of Western countries are preventing it from developing. It is not surprising that in the future it will be known that Ukraine has turned into a war laboratory of Western countries and Russia. Either way, it’s clear that the events of the past few weeks indicate that other countries are trying to show that they don’t want to let the war turn into a big war.

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Statement by Belarus
In this episode, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko said his army would only join the Russian-Ukrainian war when his country was first attacked. Lukashenko, who held very few press conferences, said he was ready to go to war with Russia, but only if even a single Ukrainian soldier entered his territory and tried to kill his people.

World, Russia, Russia Ukraine War, NATO, World War, Ukraine, USA, Research, Germany, Belarus, Elon Musk, Europe,

Elon Musk also offered to end the war in Ukraine in October last year. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

Elon Musk too
Earlier, Twitter and Space X boss Elon Musk came under fire for limiting high-speed broadband service from his Starling satellite in Ukraine. But many experts say they don’t want to give Putin a chance to continue helping Ukraine. They say they don’t want Space X to become a permanent part of a long war.

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It should be noted that at the end of last year, talks about ending the war had come to an end. Even the numbers of people killed in Ukraine couldn’t inspire the world’s top leaders to speak for it, in October Musk himself offered to end the war. In the same month, America also said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that whatever effort he made to stop the war, his country would welcome it. It is clear that measures to prevent the spread of war are also being sought.

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