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Are gas stoves dangerous? Getting ready to ban in America, know what the science says



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It was found in a study that there are more methane gas leaks when the gas stove is closed.
The US government may soon take the decision to ban the gas stove.

New Delhi. The discussion resumed about the gas stove. The science regarding gas stoves is quite clear that they are a major source of air pollution inside your home. Due to the gas stove, there may be complaints of pollution, asthma and other health problems. The gas stove pollutes the environment when it is on as well as when it is off. It is said that the gas that comes out of vehicles pollutes more than the stove. The discussion about banning gas stoves is ongoing in America.

The gas stove can cause these problems
Know that cooking on a gas stove produces two and a half times more particles in the atmosphere than on an electric stove. For this reason, in addition to respiratory problems, toxic gases can also cause problems related to heart disease and cancer. Speaking to Bloomberg, Drew Michanowicz, senior scientist at the non-profit PSE Healthy Energy research institute, said: “Gas stoves are present in large numbers as a source of air pollution in houses.”

People are attracted to the gas stove
Recently, an American organization had issued a proposal that gas stoves will soon be banned in America. Because it is the main cause of air pollution. Gas stoves are the leading cause of asthma complaints among children in America. Professor Jonathan Levy of Boston University said gas stoves gained popularity through advertising. Companies manufacturing gas stoves sell it by presenting it as a natural product. At the same time, from TV, newspapers to social media, gas stoves are widely advertised so that ordinary people are attracted to it and buy gas stoves.

Methane gas coming out of the gas stove
Apart from that, he said that besides outdoor pollution, we need to raise people’s awareness about indoor pollution. One form of pollution from gas stoves is methane, which is the main component of natural gas. Although methane does not pose a direct threat to human health. According to a 2022 study published in the journal Environmental science and technology, when researchers studied 53 stoves across California, they found that all but one were leaking methane.

Jonathan Levy said: “I think a lot of people, when they think of pollution, immediately think of big industrial facilities, big highways or power stations.” Other than that, he said, “very few people think that the source of pollution can also be our home or our office, where we spend most of our day.” Recently, the Consumer Product Safety (CPSC) of the United States declared that gas stoves used for cooking are polluting.

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