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Are these countries rich only for appearances? What are people saying about this place? read interesting answers



The definition of poverty is different for each country. There are many formulas to measure it. Poverty generally means not having enough money to meet basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. The global poverty line is defined by people’s purchasing power. Poverty is a condition in which an individual or a community lacks the financial resources and essential goods necessary for a minimum standard of living.

Each nation may have its own criteria for determining the poverty line and counting the number of people living in poverty. For example, in America, families with an annual income of less than $26,500, or 21 lakh 60,000 rupees, are considered poor. There are countries in the world that look wealthy from the outside… but the truth is something else. Let’s take a look at what people on Quora have to say about this. Please tell that this is a Q&A website, where ordinary people answer questions based on their knowledge.

Is South Korea poor?
A user named Tran Anh Chong mentioned South Korea in this episode. He wrote on Quora: “There are many foreign impressions that South Korea is overall a prosperous, modern and high-tech country. but it’s not like that. Only a few areas here are rich. Once you leave the affluent areas of the city, you will reach the slums. Don’t get me wrong, every country has these areas (even the wealthiest ones), but the level of poverty I experienced in South Korea shocked me.

America was named by the people
Many users took the name America in this episode. A user named Ria Goicoetxia wrote on Quora, “The way America’s cities are built, you constantly have to spend money because you’ll need a car to get around. A car needs insurance, gas, maintenance…. And it can be very expensive if you want to live near public transport. A small apartment for thousands of people a month (most Americans really can’t afford that).”

Many countries in Europe are also in the list
A user named Jain wrote about America that up to two and a half lakh rupees might have to be spent here in the name of health insurance. To keep 2 calls, up to 80,000 rupees have to be paid. Also, the cost of food for a family of 5 is around Rs.80 per month. Many people have named European countries like Britain and France.

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