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Artificial intelligence raises high hopes in treatment and will help end cancer



New Delhi. Scientists have achieved great success in the direction of eradicating cancer and many similar diseases. New possibilities have arisen using artificial intelligence in processing. Here it was said in the journal Nature that success was achieved by injecting tumor killing drugs directly into the same cells. A small syringe based on Google’s artificial intelligence was used to inject the drugs.

The research team, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, built a tiny syringe-like injection structure using the artificial intelligence (AI) tool AlphaFold . A special type of Photorhabdus bacteria was chosen for this structure. In fact, this particular bacterium naturally forms a type of syringe-like injection structure. Thanks to this, it infects insects.

Breakthrough in injecting effective drugs directly into human cells
A team of researchers used Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence company to develop a bacteria injection system. This allows proteins, including cancer drugs and gene therapy, to be injected directly into human cells. The journal Nature reports that these mini-syringe structures have been used to deliver useful proteins to human cells and live mouse cells. “The delivery of therapeutic molecules is a major hurdle for medicine, and we will need a wide range of options to deliver these powerful new therapies to the right cells in the body,” said Professor Feng Zhang of neuroscience at MIT. . “

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