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“As India looted, you want to rob us too…”, Russian President Putin furious at Western countries



Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that while Western countries were plundering India, they wanted to plunder us too. But we didn’t allow ourselves to be a colony. “Western countries plundered India, Africa, China… what they did, they subjected the whole country to drug addiction and other things. They were actually chasing people. We are proud of the fact that we did not allow them to continue plundering other countries. He was speaking to a program organized in the Kremlin.

Putin denounced the United States and its allies for much of the 37-minute address, saying it was trying to turn Russia into a “colony”. But we didn’t allow ourselves to be a colony. President Vladimir Putin said that while Western countries plundered India, they wanted to turn Russia into a colony. Western countries are looking for a new opportunity to weaken Russia. Putin accused Western countries of sabotaging Russian gas pipelines in Germany.

Western countries have weakened and disintegrated Russia

Putin said that Western countries weakened Russia, disintegrated Russia. Western countries started their colonial rule in the Middle Ages and after that the countries were weakened by plunder in India, plunder in Africa, war against China, opium war. Western countries hunted people like animals. We are proud that in the 20th century, our country led the anti-colonial movement and that, thanks to this, many countries gained their independence.

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