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Attack of millions of crickets on an American city, difficult march in the streets, people trapped in houses



Carson City: The attackers captured many towns in the US state of Nevada. More streets, more roads, more hospitals, more houses where these invaders have not set foot. Even people are sitting hidden inside the house. But these attackers do not come from any other country. They’re not even aliens. They are rather crickets,

Crickets affected the emergency department
These Mormon crickets, present in their millions, have completely covered the town of Elko, even walking down the street has become difficult. Even the path to the hospital was closed because of them. People here are really fed up with these pests. Even after being present inside the house, his voice creates a sound as if it is raining heavily. Not only that, due to these crickets, emergency services have also been badly affected.

The cricket outbreak will remain for a few days
People use blowers or brooms to remove leaves before bringing patients to the hospital. So somewhere, with the help of snow plows and tractors, the heaps of these shrimp are cleaned up. The bad news for the folks at Alcoa is that they can’t do anything about it. They just have to wait for this moment to pass.

what are crickets
Mormon crickets, or crickets, are terrestrial insects that cannot fly. It is mainly found in Western America. Their food consists of perennial trees, grasses and crops. Because of this, there is also a shortage of animal fodder. In addition, their large quantity causes soil erosion, reduction of soil and water quality, which leads to a significant loss for agriculture and the ecosystem. Mormon crickets are found west of the Missouri River and throughout the state of Nevada. Since the early 1990s, there has been an increase in their number. Reports indicate that in 2006, approximately 10 million acres of land in Nevada were infested with Mormon beetles.

Drought and human population are the reason for their spread
Geoff Knight, a Nevada state entomologist, says cricket swarms are not uncommon in the area, but one of the reasons for the increase is human population growth and habitat expansion. in wooded areas. At the same time, experts claim that drought is also a major reason for their outbreak. Because when there is drought in the state, they go in search of food and damage gardens and fields along the way. They even lay eggs on the ground where they eat.

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