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Attempted murder attack on Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, ‘smoke bomb’ exploded at meeting, attacker arrested



Tokyo: An assassination attempt was made on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in the city of Wakayama in Japan. While he was giving a speech at a meeting, a pipe-like object was thrown near him. Reuters news agency quoted Japanese media as saying a sound similar to an explosion was heard at the scene and smoke filled in. Showing preparedness, security officials rescued Prime Minister Fumio Kishida safely from the spot. The news of relief is that the Japanese Prime Minister was not injured. Following the incident, security officials arrested a suspect from West Wakayama.

According to Japanese media NHK, where Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was giving a speech, there was a loud explosion, which caused chaos in the region. The PM’s security team kept him covered and removed him safely from the scene. According to the report, Fumio Kishida was beginning his speech after visiting a fishing port in the western Japanese city of Wakayama when the incident occurred. The police deployed on the spot also arrested a suspect.

Leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party reacted
After this attack, the reaction began to come from the leaders of Fumio’s party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Moriyama, chairman of the LDP’s election campaign committee, told NHK, “I was shocked to hear this news. It is very unfortunate that such a thing happened during the election campaign. Election is the foundation of democracy. LDP General Secretary Motegi said: “I tried to contact Prime Minister Kishida after this incident. I was told he was not injured. I strongly condemn this violent act.

Last year, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead during a speech
This attack refreshes the events of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was killed last year. Similarly, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also giving a speech when he was shot twice in the chest. After being shot, Shinzo Abe was treated at Nara Medical University Hospital, but died after 6 hours. Doctors said that after the attack he also suffered a heart attack and died from excessive bleeding. The person who attacked Shinzo Abe was also captured by security agencies there.

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