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Attention A spot 4 times larger than the earth seen on the sun, if it explodes, it can bring destruction



Astronomers have seen a huge sunspot on the Sun. This sunspot is said to be four times larger than the Earth, which people can see even with the naked eye. However, for the safety of the eyes, it would be better to see it only by applying sunglasses. There are fears about this sunspot that if there is an explosion inside, a big solar storm could ensue, which can prove disastrous for the earth.

Astronomers have named this sunspot AR3190. These sunspots are regions on the surface of the Sun where the magnetic field contains high levels of energy due to the curvature of the magnetic lines. By the way, such sunspots have already been seen many times in history, but a telescope was needed to see them from the earth.

According to an infographic created on by Bum-suk Yeom of Iksan, South Korea, the diameter is almost four times that of Earth and twice as large as any other sunspot currently orbiting the Earth. Earth. He says he tried it himself and easily saw the sunspot.

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