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Australia: 800 people on the cruise were agitated because of corona, the company had to take this step halfway



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Around 4,600 passengers and crew were on board the Majestic Princess cruise
Large number of cases detected halfway through 12-day journey
New South Wales has reported 19,800 new cases in 7 days since Friday

sydney, The ship was docked in the Australian city of Sydney after 800 passengers on a holiday cruise tested positive for Corona. According to the BBC, around 4,600 passengers and crew were on board the Majestic Princess cruise ship which arrived at Circular Quay after leaving New Zealand, with one in five passengers having corona. Marguerite Fitzgerald, president of cruise line Carnival Australia, said halfway through the 12-day voyage, large numbers of cases had started to be detected.

Patients with mild symptoms more
After the arrival of a large number of cases, the ship was agitated, after which it was decided to stop the ship in Sydney in a hurry. Marguerite Fitzgerald said all cases were mild or asymptomatic. He said “staff will assist any guests who have tested positive with access to private transportation and accommodation to complete the quarantine period.” The ship will soon depart for Melbourne.

Let us tell you that at the beginning of 2020, at least 900 people had corona in the Ruby Princess cruise ship of the same company, in which 28 died. Now, again, 800 corona positive people have raised many questions.

Asked about the comparison between the Majestic Princess and the Ruby Princess, Fitzgerald said: “Since then we’ve learned a lot as a community, learned a lot about Covid.” Corona cases are also continuously increasing in Australia. In New South Wales, 19,800 new cases have been reported in the seven days since Friday.

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