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Australia: There will be no “Khalistan referendum” in the city of Blacktown in Sydney, the administration canceled the authorization, it was the main reason



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Officers said – can’t take any security risks
Complaints have been continuously received about the SFJ referendum program
The Australian government made the decision after taking the complaints seriously.

Sidney. The Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) referendum program has drawn many complaints. The Australian authorities have decided to cancel the Khalistani referendum program to be held in the city of Blacktown in Sydney. As Australia Today reports, the SFJ’s proposed referendum in Sydney was originally scheduled to take place at the Blacktown Leisure Center in Stanhope. But the Australian authorities have canceled this program concerning the safety of the council’s employees, people and property.

A spokesperson for Blacktown City Council told The Australian Today: ‘Council canceled this booking this morning as it is against current council policy. The council cannot take any risks as to the safety of employees , council property and the general public.

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On behalf of Arvind Gaur, a complaint was filed with the board regarding the SFJ-related program. Gaur had complained about the glorification of terrorists through posters and banners by the Sikh for Justice campaign. Goud told The Australia Today he had received a response from the council’s CEO, Kerry Robinson, telling him that unauthorized banners and posters were being removed by council officers and that he had sought police advice. from NSW. Robinson says we are removing banners and posters from public city properties because they were put up without our approval.

Australia Today believes NSW Police, ASIO, AFP and DFAT have withdrawn permission for the Khalistan propaganda programme. It was also said that an investigation was also underway regarding ‘Sikh for Justice Pvt Ltd’ registered in Victoria. An officer connected to this case said we are investigating the unaccounted money transaction.

Australia Today has contacted Sikhs for Justice Pty Ltd, but has not yet received a response.

The anti-Hindu vandalism attack on BAPS Swaminarayan Temple Rosehill was also carried out by Khalistan supporters earlier this week. Hindu, Islamic and Sikh religious leaders condemned the attack and called on the authorities to take strict action against the perpetrators.

A spokesperson for Blacktown City Council told The Australia Today: “The council’s decision is in no way an endorsement or criticism of any political position relating to the internal affairs of India or Pakistan and does not should not be construed as an endorsement of any particular political position.” should not be presented.”

On the other hand, BJP National Spokesperson RP Singh expressed his joy at the move by Blacktown City Council. RP Singh tweeted that I welcome the decision of Blacktown City Council, Sydney to ban the Khalistan referendum programme. I hope other city councils in Australia will follow suit.

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