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“Back…” Teacher snatches phone, student gets angry, pepper sprays eyes 2 times, then…watch video



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In an American high school, a teacher took the student’s phone during class.
This angered the student and she sprayed pepper spray in the teacher’s eyes.
The student continually used the phone in the classroom and gave answers from Google.

New Delhi. In school-college, the telephone is often taken from the students by the teacher. The students are definitely mad about this, but after the lesson is over, the teachers return their phones to the students. But a surprising case has come to light in America. Where a student was furious that the teacher picked up the phone during class. After that, the student pepper-sprayed his teacher. The incident happened last week at Antioch High School near Nashville, Tennessee.

According to the NDTV report, the video went viral on social media after the incident. Along with this, there was resentment among people regarding this behavior of the student. Video originally shared on Reddit. In the video, the student can be seen walking out of class with the teacher after pepper spray was sprayed on the teacher. The student chases the teacher out of the classroom and demands her phone.

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