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Bad news for transgender people in this US state! Prohibited medical treatment



Washington: Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday signed a law banning the treatment of transgender minors. It has become the largest state in the United States to ban this treatment. Abbott decided to do so, following in the footsteps of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He also signed a similar bill in May. Texas and Florida are the second and third most populous states in the United States.

Texas law prohibits medical professionals from prescribing hormone blockers or performing gender transition surgery on anyone under the age of 18, AFP reports. This came into force on September 1. The law provides an exception for minors already receiving puberty blockers or hormone therapy, but requires that they “discontinue prescription medication for a period of time in a safe and medically appropriate manner.”

Transgender rights have increasingly become a hot topic in American politics, with Democrats condemning measures such as laws in Texas and Florida that infringe on basic rights. On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas announced it would file a lawsuit against the state ban. “Abbott can’t stop trans youth from thriving in Texas – and we’re going to take him to court to make sure that happens,” the rights organization said in a tweet.

After the bill passed the Texas state legislature last month, U.S. advocacy organizations — including the ACLU of Texas, as well as the Lambda Legal and Transgender Law Center — said the law prohibited “medically necessary health care”. The groups said in a statement: “Texas Senate Bill Bans Evidence-Based Care Only for Gender Dysphoria for Transgender People Ages 14-18 and Aims to Strip Physicians of Their Medical Licenses , so that they can provide medically necessary care to their patients.”

More than a dozen Republican-led states have passed similar restrictions in recent months. In March, President Joe Biden said “such attacks on transgender rights were un-American and must stop.”

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More than half of transgender and non-binary youth in Texas seriously considered suicide in 2022, according to a survey conducted that year by The Trevor Project, a nonprofit committed to youth suicide prevention efforts. LGBTQ+ Was. “LGBTQ youth are not inherently vulnerable to the risk of suicide because of their sexual or gender identity, but because of the stigma and stigma they face in society,” the survey states.

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