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BBC Documentary – The US State Department has given an appropriate response to the controversy over the BBC documentary, a Pakistani journalist has stopped talking



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The US statement relates to the controversial BBC documentary on PM Modi.
Pak’s reporter had posed the question to the US State Department spokesperson.
“I am aware of the values ​​of a vibrant democracy shared by India and America.”

Washington. The BBC has made a documentary (BBC Documentary on PM Modi) on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Controversy erupted after its release. Now America has given its answer to this. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday that I was unfamiliar with the documentary, but I do know the values ​​of vibrant democracy shared by India and America.

According to the PTI news agency, the BBC’s controversial two-part documentary titled ‘India: The Modi Question’ claimed that it looked at aspects related to the 2002 Gujarat riots when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the minister in charge. head of state. Speaking at a press briefing, Price on Monday (local time) said the United States shared an “extraordinarily deep partnership” with India based on values ​​common to American and Indian democracies.

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When a Pakistani journalist asked Price about the BBC documentary, he said, “I don’t know the (BBC) documentary you are referring to. I am keenly aware of the shared values ​​that bind the United States and India as two thriving and vibrant democracies. “I am very familiar with the shared values ​​that underpin America’s global strategic partnership with India, which includes political, economic and people-to-people ties of extraordinary depth,” Price said.

He said: “What I would basically say is that there are several elements that underpin the global strategic partnership that we have with our Indian partners. We have close political ties. We also have economic relations. The Indian government is known to have condemned the controversial BBC documentary. Which was not displayed in India. On January 21, the Indian government issued instructions to block several YouTube videos and Twitter posts sharing links to the documentary. And last week British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended Prime Minister Modi in a BBC documentary.

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