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“Be careful, otherwise…”, why did Biden get mad at Putin and Jinping’s meeting?



Washington: US President Joe Biden told Chinese President Xi Jinping to be careful. According to an interview with CNN, Biden told Xi he had to be careful because he depends on Western investment. Xi has also repeatedly said that his economy depends on Western investment. Biden tipped him off when he and Putin had a meeting.

According to the Reuters news agency, Biden said: “I made no threats, that’s my observation. 600 American citizens have left Russia since Russia went to war in Ukraine and you told me that your economy depended on investment from Europe and the United States, so be careful.”

Putin and Xi Jinping met in March this year. The two countries opened their talks with warm words of friendship and criticism of the West. Meanwhile, talks between Jinping and Putin lasted four and a half hours. America opposed this meeting. US-China tensions have escalated over national security issues, including in Taiwan, Russia’s war in Ukraine, increased US export restrictions on advanced technology, and US-led industrial policies. Chinese state.

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Significantly, the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 1 year. Neither Russia is ready to back down in war, nor Ukraine is ready to kneel before Russia. Where on the one hand Western countries are helping Ukraine. In contrast, Russian leader Putin, who faces harsh sanctions from Western countries, has been isolated. But even after that, Russia continuously bombs Ukraine. (with contributions from the agency)

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