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“Biden thinks there is no better partner than India for the United States in the 21st century”



Washington. US President Joe Biden believes that India plays an important role in all aspects of global politics and there can be no better partner than India. This statement from a senior Biden administration official gives an opportunity to know the reasons why the administration invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi on an official visit. Prime Minister Modi is traveling to America for a state visit at the invitation of US President Biden and his wife and First Lady Jill Biden.

He will be visiting America from June 21-24. President Biden and his wife will host a dinner on June 22 in honor of Modi. Prime Minister Modi (72), who has visited America more than half a dozen times since becoming prime minister in 2014, has now been invited for the first time on a state visit official. This honor is granted only to countries that are close friends of America.

A senior Biden administration official told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ on Monday, ‘The President believes his relationship with India is far more advanced than America’s bilateral relationship with any country in the world. I also think he fully understands that when we look at the 21st century and if you want to partner up in these difficult times, there is no better partner than India…’

Modi is the third Indian Prime Minister invited by the United States on a state visit. Apart from this, Modi is the third foreign leader invited by President Biden, which clearly shows the importance Biden places on India-US relations and friendship with Modi. The official said on condition of anonymity that there had been a lot of discussion within the administration before taking the decision to invite Prime Minister Modi to the official visit.

The senior official said: ‘You can imagine there are a lot of criteria for this decision. It’s a very tough competition, I think the reality is that India plays an important role in all aspects of world politics. He said: “I also think it is fair to say that the President knows Prime Minister Modi best because he has worked closely in many meetings in the Quad and in global forums.” India, America, Japan and Australia are part of the Quad (quadrilateral security dialogue group). It was formed in 2017 to end China’s aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region.

Prime Minister Modi will visit America from June 21-24 at the invitation of US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. During this, he will also address the joint session of the Congress, which is considered a great occasion. Prime Minister Modi previously addressed US lawmakers in 2016. Prime Minister Modi’s visit comes ahead of the G-20 summit to be hosted by India in September. He has visited the United States more than half a dozen times for bilateral and multilateral meetings since becoming prime minister in 2014 and has met with the three US presidents Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But now, for the first time, he has been invited on an official state visit, and that honor is accorded only to America’s closest friendly countries. Prime Minister Modi had previously visited Washington in September 2021. He traveled at Biden’s invitation for a bilateral meeting. He then made a direct appearance for the first time at the Quad Summit hosted by Biden.

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