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Biden’s cruel joke about the school shooting incident! I said, “I came down because the ice here…”



Washington. The incident of the death of 6 people in a school shooting in America shook everyone. At the same time, US President Joe Biden also reacted to this incident. However, before that, he made fun of ice cream. In the video shared on social media, Joe Biden says, “My name is Joe Biden. I am the husband of Dr. Jill Biden. I eat Jeni’s ice cream – chocolate chips. Went down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a full fridge upstairs. do you think i’m kidding? No, I’m not kidding.”

According to the Hindustan Times report, the US President condemned the shooting incident at the school. Expressing concern over the school shooting incident, US President Joe Biden called it a “disease”. He said America must take strong action to end gun violence. Biden has insisted that gun violence in America hurts the soul of the nation. At the same time, Biden urged the US Congress to ban the guns.

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At the same time, the US Congress demanded an end to the violence. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has dismissed news of Joe Biden’s joke. He said it would be wrong to say that he must have misunderstood this moment on such an occasion. Let us tell you that on Monday, a female gunman shot and killed three students and three adults at a private Christian school in Nashville, USA. Officers provided this information.

Officials said the alleged attacker also died during the encounter with police. The shooting incident took place at ‘The Covenant School’, where around 200 students from kindergarten to class VI attended. The incident comes at a time when people across the country are grappling with school violence, including last year’s shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Police said the shooter’s age was under 19. The victims were taken to Monroe Carell Junior Children’s Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. (from input language)

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