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Biden’s emergency meeting after Russian missile attack on Poland delayed G20 mangrove agenda



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US President Joe Biden holds emergency meeting with G7 countries
President Biden supports Poland’s investigation into deaths in eastern Poland
Biden arrives late for mangrove event after missile attack on Poland

Jakarta. US President Joe Biden has an emergency meeting with G7 countries after two people died due to the fall of a Russian missile in Poland. Because of this conversation about where Poland and NATO go next, Biden arrived late to an ongoing G20 summit schedule in Indonesia. According to an ANI report, President Biden discussed the loss of life in eastern Poland and a meeting with world leaders to support Poland’s investigation. He said he fully supports Ukraine at this time. At the same time, the United States will do whatever is necessary to give Ukraine the ability to defend itself.

bali mangrove forest tour
As part of the G20 Mangrove Program, leaders from all countries came to see the mangrove forest on the initiative to deal with climate change. However, after the missile attack on Poland, Biden arrived late to the event. According to the report, the G20 mangrove agenda was delayed due to Biden’s meeting with G7 leaders. The US President and other G20 leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, visited Bali’s mangrove forest and also planted saplings there.

Maybe the missile was not fired from Russia?
The US president said at the meeting of NATO countries that this missile may not have been fired from Russia. However, Poland said the missile was launched from Russia itself, as a result of which two people died. The Polish Foreign Ministry said the rocket landed in Przewodów, a village about 6 km (4 mi) from the border with Ukraine. Polish officials said the missile was Russian-made.

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