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Biden’s tongue slipped again… forgot Ukraine’s name, said – Putin is losing the war in Iraq



New Delhi: US President Joe Biden said in a verbal blunder on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was clearly losing the war in Iraq. In fact, he was talking about the war in Ukraine. He told a press conference: “Vladimir Putin is clearly losing the war in Iraq. He loses the war in his house. And he’s become kind of untouchable all over the world. And it’s not just NATO, it’s not just the European Union, it’s Japan, you know, it’s 40 nations.

Recently, the US Department of Defense announced an additional security assistance program of up to US$500 million to Ukraine to meet its “critical security and defense needs”. The security package includes essential capabilities to support Ukraine’s counter-offensive operations in its ongoing conflict with Russia and strengthen its air defenses. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States has condemned all of Moscow’s actions and shown strong support for Ukraine and its people.

A week earlier, Antony Blinken had also noted the United States’ commitment to working with the private sector to enable Ukraine’s modernization and revitalization. At least four people, including a child, were killed and several others injured when a Russian missile hit a bustling center in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, CNN quoted local officials as saying. According to Pavlo Kirilenko, head of the military administration of the Donetsk region, the attacks took place around 7:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

“We are now working to establish the number of injured and possibly dead in the city,” he said. It is the center of town. They were public restaurants filled with citizens. Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko said in Telegram comments that “Russia deliberately targeted populated areas.” Immediately after the attack, paramedics rushed to the scene to help the injured. Let us inform that thousands of lives were lost in the Russian-Ukrainian war which began on February 24, 2022. Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed his gratitude to US President Joe Biden for a new security assistance program worth up to $500 million.

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