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Big attack in Ukraine! Russia recruited more than 2 lakh troops in two weeks



Strong points

Over 2 lakh people recruited so far since partial mobilization order
The Russian army will recruit 3,000,000 people to reinforce the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Putin ordered mobilization after Ukraine’s defeat on many fronts

Moscow. During the first two weeks of large-scale mobilization in Russia, more than 2,000 soldiers were recruited into the army. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, quoted by Reuters news agency, is quoted as saying that more than 200,000 people have been conscripted into the Russian armed forces since President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization two weeks ago . After the defeat in several regions of Ukraine, Putin announced that he planned to enlist 300,000 men with previous military experience to bolster the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, in many media, this figure is quoted at more than 10 lakhs.

The Russian military is seeking to recruit around 300,000 additional troops as soon as possible after the mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin on September 21. In such a situation, ineligible persons also receive a call to action. The Russian Ministry of Defense has already specified that only people assigned as reserve forces in the army and pensioners will be called up for this mobilization. Despite this, on many occasions, ordinary people also receive calls from the army.

After one such disturbance, the Russian military dismissed its military commissar of the Khabarovsk region. According to a state media report, about half of the people had to be sent home because the army issued mobilization calls to the wrong people. The region’s governor said on Monday that those people had been fired for failing to meet army and conscription criteria.

Young people leave the country to avoid mobilization
A large number of people left the country after learning that the army sent letters of appeal to young people without military experience. According to ticketing data from Spanish company ForwardKeys on Tuesday, there was a 27% increase in the number of one-way plane tickets issued from Russia. Comparing bookings from September 21 to September 27, the company found that the share of one-way tickets issued rose from 47% to 73% last week. The company said the average departure time in the country has dropped from 34 to 22 days.

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