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Billions of rupees suddenly flowed into person’s account, became world’s 25th richest man in one fell swoop



Imagine if you wake up one morning and see the notification on your phone that billions of rupees have arrived in your account, what will you do? Of course, you will be shocked because it is no small thing to have billions of rupees in the account overnight. Something similar happened with a person from America when he saw that more than 3400 billion rupees (man gets 3400 billion rupees in account by mistake) came to his account, and he was during for a time the 25th richest man in the world. 25th richest man in the world for a few hours).

According to the Daily Star report, in June 2021, Darren James, a resident of Louisiana, America, and his entire family were stunned when Darren saw a notification on his phone that his account was $50 billion ( $50 billion credited to the man’s account). As soon as he checked the bank account, his eyes dried up because he had never seen such a sum. He said he had never seen so many zeros before a number.

a man receives 50 billion dollars in a bank account by mistake

Darren immediately called the bank after seeing the money in the account. (Picture: Daily Star)

Darren became the 25th richest man
According to the report, after getting this money from the account of Darren, the father of two children, he became for a time the 25th richest man in the world. He also became 10 times richer than Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group. After the money arrived, Darren got scared and started thinking that if so much money suddenly came in, people would also go to his house to check it. He immediately called his bank and advised.

The bank freezes the money for 3 days
Darren told the family that neither these people earned nor gave away this money, it was the result of a mistake so it is very important to let the bank know. Darren himself previously worked as a law enforcement officer with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and has now become a real estate agent. When he informed his bank ‘Chase’, they checked and froze this amount. This money sat in Darren’s account for about 3 days but he couldn’t use it. After remaining in the account until Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, this money disappeared from the account.

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