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Bizarre tradition: tormented by pain, moans… again here women beg to be beaten with a whip



There are many such tribes in Africa, whose traditions surprise people. To prove manhood in one of these tribes, the most poisonous ant is cut off, and somewhere in the name of tradition, fingers are cut off. Such a dangerous tradition is played among the people of the Hamer tribe, which is called Ukuli Tula. By virtue of this, the boys who believe that they have become suitable for marriage, they must give proof of it. What is shocking is that even the women involved in this case are beaten with whips of their own free will.

In fact, the Bull Jumping Festival Ukuli Tula is a sacred tradition for people associated with this tribe. It begins with the women’s dance. In this 15 cows or oxen are made to stand together. Any boy who considers himself worthy of marriage must jump over these animals and cross. If a boy fails to come across these animals, the women present beat him up. Not only that, the women of the boy’s house are also beaten until blood comes out. However, the boy who crosses these animals while jumping, marries the girl of his choice.

Women plead to be killed

A group called ‘Maja’ comes and beats up the girls called to marriage, who adorn their bodies with feathers, necklaces and bracelets. They beat all the girls and women present at the ceremony with sticks and whips. In the midst of it all, if a girl or a woman survives the beating, then she herself comes forward and begs, begs, to fight with a whip. Meanwhile, moaning or running away from pain due to excessive beating is not even allowed. It is believed that by being beaten with a whip, love increases between women and men. Moreover, the woman who tolerates the most beatings marries the youngest man. Widowed women also participate in this tradition and find a new life partner.

There are beatings even after marriage

In this tribe, women are not only beaten in the name of tradition during marriage, but this cruelty lasts with them for years and years. However, after having two children, they are relieved. According to the rules of the tribe, the men are not even required to explain the reason for the beating. They can beat women as long as they want. Scars on women’s backs are proudly presented as beauty. For all these reasons, the women of the Hammer Tribe are very strong. Although they have one marriage, the men of this tribe can also marry another.

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