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Black hole: the expansion of the universe is possible! Scientists have obtained the first proof, the black hole is the source of dark energy



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There have been shocking revelations in research into black holes present in the Milky Way.
Black holes are the source of dark energy, dark energy makes the universe expand
This study from the University of Hawaii was published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Black hole: Researchers from the University of Hawaii have made shocking revelations while searching for black holes in the Milky Way. Scientists have claimed that The dark energy that expands the universe can be the source of black holes. This was revealed by a study published in The Astrophysical Journal, which concluded that after comparing the growth rate of black holes in different galaxies, dark energy can be created inside them.

A team of 17 international researchers led by the University of Hawaii has discovered the first evidence of the origin point of dark energy, reports The Guardian. this study Has been published in Astrophysical Journal. Research shows that black holes gain mass in two ways, first by gas diffusion and then by merging with the black hole. During this There is vacuum energy, which is the source of dark energy.

“The black hole is the gateway to another world, the Earth is also part of it!” A scientist makes a shocking claim

What are black holes and dark energy?
Black Hole is considered a destroyer and a monster or monster-like body. Black holes form when massive stars reach the end of their life. Due to its superpowered gravity, not even light can escape, which is why it is not visible and it is also named Black Hole for this reason. In a theory by Albert Einstein, considered the most brilliant in the world, it was asserted that the universe cannot expand. However, it was later removed. In 1998, scientists realized that the universe was expanding rapidly. The reason why this expansion is taking place, it has been called dark energy. However, the scientists say on this study, “It is too early to think that black holes are related to dark energy in any way.”

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